We shall be highly obliged if you could communicate to us the information about any noted / illustrious personality from the Karhade community with proven ability in any field; at the earliest.

This may include his date of birth, field of proven ability (pleader, leader, artist, educationist, actor, businessman etc.), full name, life span, place, any awards won etc. in about hundred words.

We look forward to receiving information about the Karhade Brahmin personality spread all over; for utilisation in the proposed reference book on Karhade Brahmins.

We expect fellow Karhades to realise the nature of our work for which we are dedicated fully and it is not a type of work by which we are gainfully benefited in any way. Many requests, invokings, personal contacts for similar information etc. have proven to be unfruitful both on personal level and community organisation level; passive mentality and sluggish attitude and many such negative factors being responsible for this.

Let us leave all these aside and come up with positive attitude to help this joint project in as many ways as you can; thinking, it is your own project which aims at removing the deep rooted seeds in some of us causing inferiority complex at large scale in the absence of the information about the praiseworthy contribution of our community to the society.

Provide the details of any other eminent Karhade personality you are aware of using this easy form.

Any remuneration for collecting this type of information in 100 words for each personality will definitely be considered. Kindly contact: contact@thekarhaadaa.org

By Awadhoot R. Hardikar

Email: contact@thekarhaadaa.org

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