Characteristics of Karhaadaas

Enumerating characteristics about any age-old luminous community and writing about them is a difficult task! Many times it is difficult to differentiate between the genetic quality and a circumstantially gained one, on which characteristics are chiefly dependent. Quality appears reside upon an individual who is constantly inwardly changing and mere numerical additions of such qualitative people do not constitute a sound proof of that being the quality of that community. The nomenclature indicates only a percentage wise majority compared to other equally advanced communities in such cases. Therefore, when I state here that the Karhaadaas have these qualities, it means that Karhades have marked their name as illustrious and noteworthy percentage wise, as compared to other equally advanced qualitative people in the present day. Here I am giving the shortest possible list of such qualities which are, in different regions and at different times tested, and for which, examples run into hundreds.

I have come to the exclusively acceptable logical conclusion that, the basis of all such enchanting qualities, is the traditionally built up mind-set of this community; which has, through constant attention, been cultivated by the inner spiritual qualities of the individual being. Any society, requiring improvement from within, with the aim of enrichment of cultural viable standard has to pay keenest attention on this factor. One should take it for granted that one’s real strength is one’s innate! Enrichment of the same brings about prosperity and peace of mind in practical life proportionately. So, one must not neglect one’s innate at any cost. Society of any country at any time requires progress and development for which qualitative people are required. In political calculations, it is experienced that quantity outstrips the quality; but it is to our amazement that, the tiny Karhaadaa community could not be outstripped by even intelligent mischief mongers through historical periods, till date. As if, these people have a constant connection and concern with their innate! This has further infused them to treat oneself as a drop of sea and assimilate within sea of societies.

The resultant characteristics of this basic property sprung into many vital and vibrant qualities for which this community is distinctively known for more than thousand years.

They are born with the sense of self-esteem, self reliance, generosity, vision, open-mind, respect, adherence to principles over personality worship, engaged not in any icon building attitude. They tend to avoid any clash with anyone, which has caused them to be away from quarell originating attitudes, having faith in tradition coupled with understanding in constant improvement of human being.

They are reliable as they are one in mind, speech and action. They are not avoided by others, as they possess a dirt-free selfless mind, their help is sought because they prefer to remain always behind the curtain, their friendship is appreciated because they have no plans to get materialistic gains out of any relation but always impatient as it were, to be useful to others. Their nobility and generosity coupled with their selfless inocent heart have always been caus for their exploitation for which they are unmindful. They have a superb sense of detachment and have developed a forget and forgive attitude. Their mind lives in dignified movement, their plans are not designed to humiliate anyone in public or private. "Magnanimity, thy name is Karhaadaa!" is the utterance of a dignified non-Karhade!

Physical Characteristics

So far, the distinguishable characteristics of Karhaadaas, which an impartial mind could perceive are covered. They are found in a majority of Karhaadaas and relate to their mental and ethical make-up. It has also been tried to emphasise the distinguishable attributes of this community with respect to their moral excellence and firmness even at the cost of practical gains. These are time-tested factors in many Karhaadaas and are also the point of our observations.

While considering the physical characteristics of this community, I felt a need of undertaking a scientific study, since no hypothetical inferences could be really helpful. I have seen people selling their fancied and conditioned ideas which are nothing but hypothetical inferences, but useful for acquiring practical gains. But then, a second thought captured my mind, as to 'what could be our aim for this study?' It is certainly not and never will be to show that we are separate from the other lot of the people. We are so firmly assimilated with this land, society, people and culture that such a thought will never be born in a Karhaadaa mind. "Unity in diveristy" is the principle, deep rooted in the minds of Karhaadaas. We are here on this land, the oldest noticable community existing with community names Karada, Karahatta, Karhaade, Karhaadaa etc. right from the Third century AD. This is according to the calculative and studied opinion of Shri. N. G. Gore, a Chitpavan, as per his preface to the family history (Kulavruttant) of Sardesai family.

Even then, the noticable observations could be stated here. I am not advocating that scientific study should not be undertaken or anything on those lines. I am sure, interested community members would undertake the same if they feel so, in the future.

Most of the Karhaadaas have, an altogether distinguishable voice culture, which is a natural combination and superb admixtural chemistry of all lovable qualities for an acceptable personality that speaks their clean innate!

Normally, the height, which is the first physical characteristic of beauty, of a Karhaadaa person, does not appear to be disproportionate. The proportion of their height from head to waist and waist to feet is always proportionate. So long as they were strict in keeping their marital relations only among Karhaadaas, this was an ubiquitous phenomenon. In some communities, this feature of disproportion does appear. The proportionate height, torso, general appearance, fairness, impressive physique, nose, fair complexion, height are all physical properties that are conspicuously attractive and continually observed in this community. You will therefore find, there is hardly any matrimonial advertisement for a Karhaadaa girl. Many Karhaadaa girls and boys do possess attributes of being attractive and charming. The real beauty of a Karhaadaa girl or boy however, and which is found in all of them, lies in their humanitarian value-based innate! These people have not learnt, yet, the art and craft as to how to live a life full of deception in which face value and real value are always miles apart. Where the deceptive truth and practically saleable truth have always got an upperhand to reality!

The Karhaadaa home will never appreciate even its child being engaged in such activity, which would lead him to deceive others. The resultant qualities which have naturally sprung and are deep-rooted, as it were, in every Karhaadaa person today are, devotion to cherished principles, ever preparedness for going through hardship, in-comparable sincerety, illustrious punctuality and complete loyalty wherever they are!

As stated earlier, no Karhaadaa is found engaged in skillfully planning to eliminate the owner of the company where he earns his daily bread, for designed practical gains. They are free from artificial schemes like those who always maintain a deceptive face with wickedness in their hearts, who try to eliminate the would be qualitative opponent at any cost, by spreading rumours, creating a polluted atmosphere about them in society and breeding lies. These people are seen planning to grab wealth of others by adopting a variety of ignoble and sordid methods, possessing and cultivating a destructive mentality which begets a vicious, disgusting and contentious social atmosphere. All such types of malicious activities which are not only personal but also social evils, are yet far away from Karhaadaas! You will not, normally, find arrogance, disgusting behaviour, despicable character or hypocrisy in a Karhaadaa. This is not a community which feels joy or pleasure in causing various types of personal damage to others. A majority of them are preserving the old values, of which the roots are spirituality and cultivated, well thought out values for humanity. This character is deep rooted and even vouched opponents are aware of these qualities, which, with planned intelligence, they are using for their own practicality!

Karhaadaas are sharp visionaries and have been able to avoid any would be loss to themselves or their organisations. Their enthusiastic ability, fearless attitude, skillfullness, straight-forwardness, sense of propriety and proportion, partiality with quality alone attitude, shyness for publicity even after accomplishing noblest deeds, non-hesitance for greatest sacrifice for noble public cause at large, non-deceitful attitude etc. are other cherished qualities.

No Karhaadaa would even dream of any means for self-gain, how the organisation, or even the boss could be eliminated. You will find in Karhaadaa homes that, the guests are honoured in such a way that they would appear as masters of the host! Neither do they fight with back-biters and never remain silent when enimity dares to face them! It is the historical characteristic that, no Karhaadaa could be subjected to any sort of physical, mental or positional enslavement. Therefore, there appears to be a systematic endeavouring in side-tracking them, not mentioning even super meritorious Karhaadaa’s contribution anywhere and endeavouring to malign their position if possible, privately and publicly by mischief mongers.

The excess of adhering to these qualities has at times proven to be counter-productive. Some Karhaadaas have forgotten the practicality in day-to-day life. Spirituality has got its limitation in public life; but they have not developed the skill as to how even unqualitative and therefore unacceptable should be made appear as praiseworthy in public life. They did not notice as to how the avoidance of disquality made them passive even for money needed for life. Some such minus qualities are the real hindrance in practical life.

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By Awadhoot R. Hardikar
September 2007


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