Please note that:

1. This is the briefest possible account and we do not claim that it is complete in all respects.

2. Suggestions and corrections are solicited for consideration and if required, suitable modifications

3. Additional points or information on all these counts are sought for inclusion

4. A positive and anthropomorphic consideration of all these issues involved, in such a project, is requested

5. We believe in generous views from our kind hearted fellow bretheren with a trust that, they avoid tempted, twisted, fabricated views with intention in enriching the quality of this type of reference book, useful for the whole community

6. For any genuine doubt, query, information, suggestion, questions, request, additions etc., we are humble enough to treat them with equal heart and dignity, although, we cannot assume that each and every correspondence will be replied. This is for avoiding unnecessary expenditure, time and energy; as we cannot maintain office for this purpose

7. This is a fully dedicated work for which we are relying upon the words full of information our bretheren are providing us with. We request our community people that they could approach us with reliable information about the contribution of eminent Karhades.

8. Propriety demands and dignified cultured view presupposes that, written permission from the writer of these views is taken prior to copying them or using them elsewhere in any language/ lecture /book /magazine.

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