Stamps released by Indian Post Office

Below is a list of the different postage stamps released by the Indian Government commemorating different eminent Karhade personalities. The list is sorted in the order of "Date of Issue". Details about the stamp can be studied by clicking on the stamp image

Name of personality Stamp image Date of issue
Rani Lakshmibai i.e. Lakshmibai Tambe - Newalkar 15/8/1957
Bharat Ratna Govind Vallabh Pant (Paradkar)(2) 10/9/1965 and 7/3/1988
Lakshmanrao Kirlsokar 20/6/1969
Ganesh V. Mavalankar 27/2/1981
B. V. Paradkar 14/9/1984
B. G. Kher 8/3/1989
Dr. N. S. Hardikar 13/5/1989
Kirloskar Centenary 20/6/1989
V. S. Khandekar 19/1/1998
S. L. Kirloskar 26/2/2003

Do let us know if you know any other stamps released on eminent Karhade personalities. If you have an old original stamp which you can scan, do send to us so that we can put it on the website.

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Compiled By Sachin Tatake
March 2006


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