Welcome to The Karhaadaa!

As you are profoundly aware; Karhaadaa is a popular and established community name! The community is a highly respected Brahman community; known among Indian communities. The documentative references of this community are available for the last 1,200 years or more. Dr. P. K. Gode, former curator and a great socio-cultural and historical scholar of Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune; has established in his English article published in "History of Gunye family" (Gunye kulavrittant - written in Marathi), the word Karhaadaa originates from Karhaataka which is the name of a province found in history from 8th or 9th century AD. In the preface to the Sardesai family history (Sardesai kulavrittant) Shri. N. G. Gore an eminent political leader and a chitpavan, states that Karhaadaa is the oldest Brahman community whose references are available from 3rd or 5th century AD.

It may perhaps be necessary here to deal with a question as to why should one have historical consideration. It was interesting for me to read a writers view on philosophy of history. He thinks there is no necessity of history as the past references are seldom useful to the ever-changing situation of the present. Contrarily, if one has no historical account, he is not conditioned or bound to follow the past deeds, no load of stories or the boring issues of the past - plus or minus qualities. He is also free to tread his own path.

There are merits and demerits in either side. We here, have considered the positive aspect in recording cultural and social ethos of Karhaadaa community which we know; for faithfully passing it to our next generation. We felt about it as a sort of religious duty which by following, one cannot expect any gain but avoiding which will cause a little disturbance for not accomplishing the thing which was destined to be accomplished by us only.

Going through historical informative pages with sound proof helps one to search and learn about self and this brings about encouragement for his or her originality; as specific qualities run through generations after generations. There are innumerable beneficial points one could learn for his own self. One could learn as to how one should try to eliminate the inner dis-harmonies by closely observing the illustrious and meritorious personalities of his own community. How could one master the hermeneutic openness which is essential for graceful human relations based on true socialisation, free from any conditionality. Ultimately, this type of free and frank human nature which is based on harmonious attitudes cultivated through the observations of human relations with sharp discriminative ability, itself improves the human being from within. This type of society of many communities itself could actively exist. I dream to live in that type of society of varied communities with these basic humane qualities. I believe this would ultimately lead one to the viable and complete humane by following the true principles of egaliterianism, yes the very living egaliterianism!

The adoptable and graceful principles of illustrious society of men and women wherein all human beings are seen with or treated with equanimity! and noone thinks of other people or other communities as low compared to his present position. Thinking or considering about self and ones own community as most superior to all other communities leads one to false ego and ultimately makes one compare his community with either that of English, American or Jewish etc. and this provides with ample amusement in this world full of relativity, which covers everything.

All those true humane qualities could be experienced in long lived cultures which have very sound resilient potential. I could claim, most humbly, after a close and impartial study of Karhaadaa community, that all those cherished human qualities are seen as sincerely cultivated in this long lived community called Karhaadaa!

We have to see here, the causes of behavioural attitudes of the people in general who want to lead their practical life following certain norms of humanity. The common substratum of ethical values and norms of society of good people are very much necessary for the harmonious co-existence and also for flourishing ever progressive humanity!

Having pondered over the present social condition in which human values are seen fast eroding, mutual human relations which are supposedly natural among kins atleast or otherwise have become nakedly selfish and based on commercial considerations, the judiciary is busy in solving problems between close relatives supposedly loving members of family. The values of trust, faith, beliefs, affections have since long been eliminated between closed ones. A very corrupt family life of those near realtions has become the signature of families today. The ever unknown fashion of commercial based nivaaraas i.e. staying places of very much unwanted, neglected, frustrated and exchausted seniors have been thronged by these old people and outthrown parents.

The gnawing fact is this goes on under the so-called illustrious umbrella of the boasted oldest culture on earth. That which proclaims that we shall make the whole world of cultured people; people full with humane values "KRINVANTO VISHVAM AARYAM" (Rigveda). No traditional valued life is visible here. The replaced ideas have no potential to make a morally and spiritually strong human-being to face modern day practicality. Almost every field of human interest is afflicted by ethically corrupt practices and wrong doings. Leader in every field is fearful and requires protection on public purse. This is the picture of society which is seen, as for years together it is lacking self improvement from within! The pious efforts of born great leaders were purposefully wrongly interpreted by egocentric, fearful and wicked leaders and that had become a kind of fashion of public life, wherein culprits are rewarded. Devoted, meritorious and illustrious born leaders are termed as enemy of the society. The illfamous and so called intelligentsia is richly benefited by following double standard policy everywhere, which brought them rewards; beyond their worth for that skill.

It is time for true social thinkers now, that they should feel the need in searching norms of global ethical values, eliminating the present condition, deep rooted in cultures wherein a good thing is selectively sidelined and thrown out and only the despicable bad things are made to flourish by mischevious, scoundrels, rogues! All sorts of undesired elements are growing fast, sacrificing all qualitative, worthy and illustrious elements of society. This is a picture of socially anarchial situation.

Doubts are raised whether or not it could be possible to see its effective elimination. We do know that even in this situation different segments lived simultaneously preserving their own traditonal notions as per their own respective way of understanding the ethical values with all its minute dimensions. This process enables the member of that culture to flourish and prosper, not merely by adopting any convenient role but richly contributing over progressive thoughts for ever changing environment caused by varied human minds. The things create an atmosphere for valued and lasted impressions of that particular society and culture known for various norms and cultural standards as well as values cherished by the people responsible for creating that type of social culture.

Where does all this lead us? Are we on the way of seeing our cultures, traditions, understanding of socialisation, values that have been cherished generations after generations and ethical norms etc. extinguished? Yes, all this ... are we seeing it extinguish? All these special characteristics, I fear are going to vanish due to the violent global cultural typhoon and may not be remaining with what we are today.

Many of us enjoyed the fruits of our traditions, distinguished cultural norms which alone could continously be responsible for generating the eminently distinguished personalities ... whose everlasting qualities and meritorious glitterance have created in the hearts of opponents the everlasting jealousy, wickedness, enimical views, callous mentality with ever fearful notions, that the Karhaadaa should not surpass them; nor his name should be given publicity etc. We have suffered a lot due to the unending caste and subcaste based superiority inferiority feelings. Even the propagation of solidarity which is heard nowadays comes up after calculations required for pressure tactics. That too has come when the realisation of rejections and dejections from like-minded cultures had come to surface. That is, it is not natural and unnatural purportive plans do not last long! It remains a strategy for a few by a few!

In the "survival of the fittest" pattern, I do not consider it finds a room in Karhaadaa culture ethos, which have most similar attributive properties of indigenous progressive societies. No group of any such unnatural and artificial organisation comes to the help of an individual; whose groups are the causes of groups establishment. Therefore, making the individual stronger by the best studied humane qualities is required to be intentionally brought in, kept with and imbibed deep in the individual in such a way that the best human values get thoroughly assimilated into the individual!!

The constant and continous churning of these thoughts generated in me the idea to start with introducing the contribution of our own people, the Karhaadaas, mainly inhabiting coastal areas of Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and North Kerala. In historical periods they spread to Vidarbha, Western Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Orissa, UP, Bihar and now they even spread globally.

After almost two decades of efforts, I could collect names of Karhaadaas in about 90 fields, and this number runs above 1300 to 1400. Mere giving a list of these names was not thought proper for which reasons have been discussed elsewhere and we have chosen the following subjects for writing articles informing the Karhaadaa as community:

  1. Welcome to the Karhaadaa
  2. The eminent Karhaadaa Braahmanas
  3. The characteristics of Karhaadaas
  4. Basic information about Karhaadaas
  5. Karhaadaa organisations
  6. Karhaadaa Personalities - list of some names
  7. Karhaadaa Surnames along with information of Gotras
  8. Postal stamps released on eminent Karhaadaa
  9. Karhaadaa Associations - Addresses
  10. A visit to the majestic Karhaadaa culture [Visit to Kasargod District, in Kerala]
  11. Karhaadaa Newsmakers
  12. Let us ponder over our inheritance
  13. The Karhaadaas, First in many fields of human achievements
  14. The Brahmanas - in Retrospect
  15. The Karhaadaas - What they are and what they are not
  16. Eminently distinguished Karhaadaas in several fields of human interest [An introduction to the list of Karhaadaas eminent in several fields]
  17. A guide for following Romanised Marathi words
  18. A form for supplying information [This is prepared for us by Shri. Arun Dike from Indore]

It would be thus seen that our sincere efforts are to introduce Karhaadaa culture, society, historical background, the contribution of eminent Karhaadaas, what is Karhaadaas eminence and how they got their distinguished position. Our views on Karhaadaas settled long back in Kerala and who preserved our traditions, historical perspective, rituals, intact and without any corruption or change of form, the Karhaadaa language. We, at the same time introduced a few eminently distinguished Karhaadaas along with introducing their detractors and the Karhaadaas First in different fields.

It will be thus seen that an all round look has been taken. I have discussed in detail at several occassions the almost discouraging attitude of Karhaadaa people due to their actively preserved passivity, for whom this proposed project is basically designed. All these obstacles are there and inspite of that, we are giving here the collected information in a systematic way though in a changed form. We are sure of one thing, that the time is limitless and the earth is abundant! There will be, in future, a person who will carry this torch of light ahead or there might even be a person somewhere at present who will accomplish our desires providing with fullest information about all eminent Karhaadaas!


A project in memory of their contributions

This project started about two decades ago, to collect the names of eminent Karhade Brahman people mostly residing in Maharashtra and spread through historic periods, over what are now states of Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarath, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa … almost all the Indian states and now abroad also.

We have, so far, collected about 1,400 names of eminent Karhade Brahmins, in 95 fields, and to our amazement, we found, that, they have immensely contributed both quality and quantitywise to their respective field. For example, 85 Karhades are noted as editors of print media – in Marathi, Kannada, Sanskrit, Hindi, Bengali; about 70 Karhades in the field of music including those, on whose name there is a music GHARANA (eg. WAKHLE from Sagar); more than 50 persons are noted for spirituality and yoga; about 64 women in different fields; 60 + in literature etc. etc.

Having curiously seen this, a thought gripped us as to why should we not have a book informing our fellow-bretheren about the qualitative personalities who contributed to the society a lot but who were denied the befitting publicity.

Comparing with other equally advanced communities, the population of Karhade community is lesser in number. This is the additional reason to the already existing one that we are lacking in lobbying skills, which other advanced communities have seemingly developed. May be we are a little more than a quarter of million people spread over the globe, but almost in every human interest of highly civilised people, the Karhades have had made rich contributions, right from historical period – to this date, against all odds – natural and purportive.

When this fact was constantly discussed among our like-minded intellectuals, some points emerged and we cherish them as our guiding principles while working on this proposed project, and these are:

  1. It would be a humble endeavour to have documentative record of eminent Karhade Brahmin personalities as per their field of eminence, interests and contribution.
  2. The purpose of this record is to inform our fellow bretheren about the glittering contribution we have made.
  3. This endeavour has no purpose, in view, to indicate that ‘we are the only people superior to other advanced communities’. Nevertheless, it will be gratifying to us to see that, if it is possible for us, to erase or eradicate the purposeful misgivings, misunderstandings and wrong notions spread over through the years, creating baneful effects like unnecessary inferiority complex. For many many, it will be surely a cherished and desired purpose; as the purpose of any nobly intended good production is establishing truth over untruth, good over bad.
  4. This may, among other things, include the history of community, historical transmigration, distinguishing qualities, a note on forgotten qualities and even acquiring bad qualities, a note on criticism and critics of Karhades, a note on remarkable things Karhades have contributed.
  5. It would be, in short, with a perspective, deleneating the historical, social and cultural characteristics of Karhade Brahmins for which they are known from the historical period as a distinguished community, qualitatively advanced.
  6. Although, we do have respect and regards for the advanced researches and scientific methods and thoughts, this project is not intended to include scientifically proved genetic observations of this note-worthy community; with a firm belief that, that would be a subject of another book. That type of study, in our opinion; has little use in reality, unless we have intended its utility, in gainful practical life. Furthermore, a study of that sort, must be purely on objective lines, through sharp analytical brains, free from conditioned minds or already conceived notions, in the absence of which it can show varying results i.e. subjectivity would peep in. Limitations of this type of studies or researches for this type of social studies could vividly be perceived. Therefore, while knowing its importance in life full of practicality, we are presently focusing our attention on collecting information about meritorious and eminent Karhade Brahmins through historical period to this date.
  7. A team, with active interest and fully dedicated vibrant mind is working on this and a speedy completion at an early date is expected; provided if many many bretheren take active interest in providing information about unknown Karhade Brahmins, their full names, birth dates, places, contributions, honours etc. at the earliest, as if it is a religious duty. The template for providing this information is attached in Appendix A.
  8. This type of task, which requires help from outside in the form of reliable informations is proven a tedious one, consumes rather much energy, requires patience and tolerance for would be criticism etc. for which one should be prepared. The gnawing issue involved, above all other issues and problems is that of finance which could be sorted out by collecting contributions for this project. Presently both Mr. A. R. Hardikar and Mr. S. S. Tatake contributed Rs. 10,000 each. Mr. A. R. Hardikar, IBS (P), a retired Station Director from All India Radio and Mr. S. S. Tatake, holding a Managerial position in a noted Ltd. Company; both of them have jointly issued a computerised letter in Marathi and they are making correspondence, conducting meetings, discussions etc on this project. Dr. Vijay Dhawale from Canada, Prof. Sham Nawathe from USA, Mr. Deepak Tikekar (CA) from Mumbai, Mr. Arun Manerikar, publisher from Mumbai are on the advisory committee besides a number of well wishers. None of these personalities have any personal interest out of this accomplishment. We, therefore, can assure with confidence, that, every paisa spent for this project will yield only satisfaction and contentment.
  9. Need and possibilities are being studied for establishing a TRUST for the welfare of the Karhade Brahmin community at large. Opinions and guidance are sought from eminent Karhade Brahmin community personalities. It should not be a trust or group of people with inactive or passive attitudes; Not be working for name sake, must be working for needy people – specially orphan or neglected, aged ones, suffering ones and those needing guidance. It must not be maintained for the convenience of a few. If this is possible, then the present project may be considered as being taken as the project of this trust.


Both Mr. Hardikar and Mr. Tatake do sincerely make an appeal to Karhade Brahmin personalities to kindly look into this and do write to us on this newly opened website or even otherwise your candid opinions about our endeavour and inform us about your ways of actively associating with us and with our projects – present and future. The address for communication is given below.

By Awadhoot R. Hardikar

Email: contact@thekarhaadaa.org

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