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  1. saptamantraraamaayaN and mantriraamaayaN (anushhTupvrutta) of kavivarya Moropant - first letter of every stanza spells "shri ram jay ram jay jay ram" in first chapter. Second letter of every stanza spells "shri ram jay ram jay jay ram" in second chapter and so on.
  2. niroshhTharaamaayaN (giitivrutta) of kavivarya Moropant - This composition is without the use of words having "pa, pha, ba, bha, ma" that require lips to touch eg. raam, lakshman hanuman etc.
  3. Maharashtra government's ad in memory of Acharya Balshastri Jambhekar on 6 Jan 2011 - patrakar divas.
  4. Article on historical background of Karhade Brahmins overall and particularly those in Kasargod by Shri. Radhakrishna Belluru a Karhade Brahmin from Kasargod. Translated and shared with us by Shri. K. R. Bhatt of Mumbai. This was printed in Kasargod Karhade Brahmin Sangh's anniversary issue circa 2001.
  5. "Karhaadi Bana (spirit)" shown by Shri. Hari Vinayak Pataskar, Governer of Madhya Pradesh from 14 June 1957 to 10 February 1965.
    Many thanks to Shri. S. Bhadkamkar for sharing this!
  6. Another interesting document shared by Shri. S. Bhadkamkar:
    PhD Dissertation by Urmila Rajshekhar Patil titled "Conflict, Identity and Narratives: The Brahman Communities of Western India from the Seventeenth through the Nineteenth Centuries" presented at the University of Texas at Austin in 2010!
  7. Excerpt from "In search of Lata Mangeshkar" - the biographical book on Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar by Shri. Harish Bhimani where Smt. Meena Khadikar refers to their original surname being Hardikar!
    Many thanks to Shri. Govind Hardikar of Pune for sharing this!
  8. Excerpt from "Gangecha Rakhandar" (marathi translation of "Le gardien du gange" - by Guy Deleury where the author shares his opinion about Karhade Brahmins!

    Original French book "Le gardien du gange" and the extract!

  9. Cartoon by S. D. Phadnis.
  10. Articles by writer Shri. Harshad Sarpotdar on eminent Karhaadaas in Maratha empire and historians:
        Rango Narayan Orpe
        Keshav Pandit
        Chimnaji Damodar
        Govind Pant Bundele
        Visaji Pant Biniwale
        Mahadaji Pant Guruji
        Govind Sakharam Sardesai
        Datto Vaman Potdar
        Vasudev Vishnu Mirashi
  11. Articles on Karhaadaa entrepreneurs in Brahman Vyavasayik Patrika, Pune:
        Shri. Prabhakar Kajrekar of Shruti Mangal Karyalay, Pune - October 2011
        Shri. Vinay and Sau. Vaidehi Jawadekar of Jawadekar's Bakelines, Pune - January 2012
        Shri. Surendra Tatke of Savalee Constructions, Wai - August 2012
  12. Survey on Karhade surnames by family diety, profession, native place and more by Shri. Atul Dengwekar
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